Enoctus. More than just hosting.
A solution you can trust.

"To create the perfect hosting solution, you need to provide perfect customer service. The core of our business is customer service and satisfaction, not just the product. We work with clients from every corner of the globe from start to finish ensuring every goal is in reach for their new project. But don't just take our word for it, check out our list of products and services and most importantly, what our clients are saying about us.
With years of experience in industry, our dedicated sales team can assist with your new business venture to help make it happen. We also work with Freelance Web and Graphic Designers to ensure that your website is not only hosted on the best network, but stands out from your competitors around the globe."

Why Enoctus?

Just a few points that make us a great host. 

Uptime Guaranteed

Every part of our network has been carefully engineered to guarantee 100% uptime on our network. ¹


The infrastructure of our network and its layers ensures protection against all kinds of external threats.

Tech Support

If your awake, so are we. Our team work right around the clock resolving cases within 1hr on average. ²


Our network is power driven by the industries latest technology providing a reliable service to our clients.

Solid-State Drives

Solid state drives are just another great addition to our network helping to eliminate data loss.

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Tier-1 Bandwidth has ensured we have create a network which isn't only reliable, but also FULL of speed.

DDoS Protection

Another thing we do to protect your website, our firewall helps prevent denial of service attacks.

Instant Setup

When you buy something, you want it straight away. With myEnoctus, all products are activated instantly. ³

"Good quality hosting is hard to find in the modernized world. Enoctus was a suggestion from a friend of mine, and at first, I doubted it because it wasn't a brand I recognised. Enoctus changed my perspective of hosting."
"Getting your business into the tech world is difficult. There's so much to consider. A business package from Enoctus meant that I got everything that I needed to get online in one place. My business sales are now growing and growing thanks to my online presence. Without the business support package, this wouldn't have been possible."
“As an avid gamer, I always aspired to run my own gaming forum. I wanted to host on a platform that was recommended and stable. I used a compute service to start structuring my forum. I didn't have a clue about SEO so took advantage of an extra from Enoctus too. My form is growing steadily but surely. I would definitely recommend Enoctus to a friend. Much more customer orientated than the big giants.”

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